Veil or Not

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To Veil or not to Veil ? That is the question !

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Beautiful image of bride using her wedding veil for a stunning photo op. Bouquet by Timeless Elegance . Photo by Revue Photography 

Veils have been a long standing tradition symbolizing purity and modesty and the term "lifting of the veil" signifies the groom's acceptance of his bride at the alter. Wearing a veil over the face didnt  become common until the 19th century.  Roman women wore a veil as a symbol of the husbands authority over his wife and was a necessity to her attire, "to hide the bride from evil spirits who might want to thwart her happiness". In the 17th and 18th century bridal veil's where occasionally worn and became unfashioable until Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's wedding day which became a status in the Victoria Era. The longer the veil length and heavier the embellishment's signtured your class and stature you held with in society.


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Queen Victoria portrait on her wedding day

Now days the millennium bride like to wear a veil within keeping to the traditional  wedding values. They seem to be getting less popular even though nearly 65% of brides  are still wanting to wear a veil, but there is no set rule if you should or shouldn't wear a veil, its down to your own personal taste. Wedding veils are designed to compliment and not to over power your wedding gown and should offer a soft whisper to your look. Whilst they make beautiful wedding photo oppourtunities this is a perfect way to capture the essence of those ramantic moments of your special day that you certainly wouldn't want miss out on those stunning photographs. 

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There is a huge array of veil style and designs to choose from, in cathedral to blush lengths from doubled to single layered, embellished with crystals or lace edge's in so many different colours, it can be very daunting . Wearing a veil may be not the right choice for you or the look you desire, however there are other alternatives you can wear such as cape's over skirt and shawls that wont compromise your wedding look.

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Bespoke Wedding veils Desiged by Taylor Bridal 

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Our bride rocking her bridal look photo of her wedding day.  Wearing a tiara created by us Tiaras And Teirs Wedding bouquet by Timeless Elegance Photo by Bond

Wedding capes can take your bridal look to the whole next level they are definitely setting a new trend in bridal fashion, Wedding cape's can enhance any wedding gown by adding a dramatic look to any bride's style. Still as amazingly beautiful as a traditional wedding veil as they can come in soft sheer tulles and an array of  embellishments such a laces, crystal and pearls also, whilst offering a bride that perfect cover up.

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Poirier Wedding Capes

Still not sure ? Well why not a wedding dress over skirt and is all the rage this brial season and one of my favorite wedding dress accessory trend's this year. These removeable over skirts will give a bride that perfect two in one look, Which make's overskirts very versatile and will give a modern egde from the latest runway trends, without a bride having to buy two dresses they can transform a bride's look from day into night with two completely different looks for her wedding day.     

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One look by wearing a soft tulle over skirts gives a bride's wedding gown a long train look with out having the heaviness of a one but also gives the dramatic illusion of a floating veil, that can be worn all day if she wishes. These tulle over skirts are ideal for a plainer skirt and will compliment ornate bodices they certianly are guaranteed to make a statement to your bridal look. Designed by Poirier can be purchased at Tiaras And Teirs

This secound look with a fully netted over skirt will transform a sleeker wedding gown into a fuller gown without having the heaviness of a wide skirt perfect for a day into night bridal look. This sort of over skirt can be worn with empire, A-line, Trumpet or sheath silhouette style wedding gowns and as well as  the shorter gown. When the over skirt has been removed  it will reveal that beautiful gown from underneath creating a different look for your evening reception. Designed by Poirier can be purchased at Tiaras And Teirs

What would you choose ?

I hope this artical has inspired you to follow your own style that will compliment your own look, So be bold and  beautiful. 

Happy Wedding Planning !