Top tips in choosing the right wedding accessory

Wedding hair accessories

Top tips in choosing your wedding hair accessory


Dont know where to start ? Now you have picked and ordered that ultimate wedding dress of your dreams its time to sort out your hair accessory to pull your bridal look together.  Being a designer I have found that 7 in 10 brides have had difficulty in choosing the right hair accessory to match their wedding style and many brides have found this process very daunting with so many aspects to think of, Where do you start ?  Here are our top tips to help you decide what best for you. 



The bridal hairstyle is one of the most important aspects when choosing your hair accessory. Id suggest to choose your hair style first, then you can choose an accessory to compliment it. Also I would suggest to go for a few hair trial's at your hair dressers, this might take a few attempts until your happy with the results. Talk your hair dresser they will be able to guide you through what hair styles suit your face shape, your hair type and what will match your wedding look or theme. Plus you will get advice on the type of accessory that will suit the type of hair style you want for your wedding day.  




Your wedding dress is going to set the tone for your whole bridal look, so you want to take these  5 pointers into consideration when choosing your hair accessory. 


1. Take a good look into detail and the embellishments within your gown.


2. Has your dress got lace or adorned with crystals or pearls ? 


3. What colour your dress ?


4. Whether your dress fabric is satin, silk, organza or embellished with a floral design ? 


5. What other accessories your going to be wearing or want to match up with eg: wedding bouquet and jewellery.


 If your dress hasnt got any detail this gives you more freedom to wear any accessory design you wish by pairing your hair accessory with your wedding jewellery or flowers for example. All these factors are very important which should be taken into account, so by following these simple guidelines you cant go wrong.

It's really upto you on whether you want to use some or all of these elements you've picked out from your bridal gown and have them incorporated into your hair accessory. As it all depends on the over all look you want to acheive but you'd be happy knowing that you've choosen the right design to compliment your wedding gown.



Now this is the most tricky part for choosing the right type of accessory with the right hair style or bridal look. Even though nothing is set in stone, I'm hoping this will guide you into making that perfect choice for your own wedding style.





Are the most versatile hair accessory you can wear, hairvines are normally created with jewellery wire which is very plyable and adjustable they can be embellished with flowers, pearls and crystals created into either delicate to statement pieces. Perfect for interweaving into braided hair styles, draped across and around buns, also look amazing worn across the forehead and can be worn just like a hair band with out the having the tightness or the feeling your wearing one. Hairvines look great all types of bridal hair styles making an ideal accessory for brides who are indecive on how they want wear their hair on their special day.




Are the secound most versatile hair accessory which are simple and easy to wear perfect for framing beautiful crafted bridal hair styles and can be worn anywhere within your style. Not best suited for finer hair, unless placed in a more structured hair style design. Hair combs can be embellished with just about anything laces, crystals, pearls flowers, brooches, incorprating with vines created either into delicate or statement designs. Perfectly suited for up do's and half up, half down hair styles, gives detail to a messy low buns or sitting to the side of a sleeker style. Hair combs pair up beautifully with wedding veils also.



Are the ulitmate crown and glory when it comes to hair accessories ideal for the more traditional bridal look, as a tiara makes every bride look and feel like a princess on her special day. A wedding tiara can hold its own able to carry off big bold statement to delicate intricate ornate designs depending the look your after. Which can be heavily embellished with crystals, rhinestones and pearls. Perfectly suited for hair up, high buns, half up and sleeker bridal hair styles. As a tiara will sit proudly upon your head fit for a queen. 




Offer a more subtle touch but a great alternative to a tiara but never under estimate the look you can acheive with wearing a headband, which can be embellished either all the way across the band with pearls, crystals or rhinestones which gives you a more delicate style or with the majority of the detail of set to the side ( also called a side tiara) where you can make a statement with the side tiara look you can go bolder with laces, heavy embellishment with pearls rhinestones and brooches. Headbands are ideal for shorter and finer hair styles but look just as beautiful in all types of bridal hair styles from all down to sprial flowing curls, hair up, soft buns to half up do's, enjoy experimenting with this option.   


Last bit of advice id give you is just be you, its your wedding day and there are no written rules. Dont be affriad to ask the experts for help. So choose a style that suits your own personailty with the style of wedding you want to achieve.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Unique and Be Happy!

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