Large nucleated riverwater pearl 9ct white gold wedding necklace

Large nucleated river water pearl wedding necklace will give a beautiful impact to your wedding look. Simply divine piece of pearl jewellery in a classic look. Will certainly add the wow factor to your neckline giving a bold statement and a contemporary feel to your wedding day.
An outstanding pearl wedding necklace has been made using roughly 11 - 11.5mm AAA+ natural in colour nucleated riverwater pearls. Individually pearl knotted with silk thread. Finished off with a beautiful rubbed 12mm 9ct white gold plain ball clasp, that give a glint of elegance to this bridal piece.
If Angelina Jolie can rock this style of necklace in Hollywood. Then so can you, on your wedding day. An amazing keepsake jewellery for years to come.

~ Handmade by Raw Pearls

~ Large pearl necklace

~ Modern classic

~ Nucleated river water pearls

~ Natural coloured pearls

~ 11mm round size

~ Hand knotted with silk

~ necklace is 16" in length

~ 12mm 9ct white gold ball clasp

made to order 3 weeks lead time

FREE Postage

Little info:
Riverwater pearls are mantle-tissue nucleated, where saltwater pearls are bead-nucleated. being mantle-tissue nucleated means the pearl produces a more natural and composed purely of nacre and can grow up to 15mm in diameter. maintaining a very high luster


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