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Welcome To Our Bespoke Design Services 

Cant find what your looking for your wedding accessories ?

By using my bespoke wedding hair accessory design services, gives our brides an endless choice in customising their own bridal accessory . I love making every brides special day unique for them which is my main focus for our brides wedding hair accessories. creating and designing perfect wedding hair accessories into a one off a kind unique piece is what i do best. My bespoke wedding service's include  bespoke wedding veils, bespoke wedding hair accessories and bridal jewellery.

Id love for us to work together to create a perfect wedding accessory To suit your own individual style that will compliment your wedding gown and accessories. so why not contact me for a consultation we can dicuss what you want inpsires you. with the type of bridal look your going for and your wedding theme. so we can bring your ideas to life, Together we will make sure you have chosen the right wedding hair accessory, unique for you !



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Bespoke gold and pearl wedding hair comb

How you can customize your own wedding veil 


Customize your own wedding veil to your exact specification. By using our bespoke design service, you can decide every aspect of your veil. Making it unique to you for your wedding day. 


You can design your own wedding veil using these different finishes from plain cut or vinatge lace. rhinestones or pearls, wired, satin or organza ribbon edges.

With our Custom Veil Designs, You are able to build a wedding veil to your exact requirements.

All you have to do is make a few choices like the veil length and a tulle colour to match your dress. Then add the type of edging and style of beading finish.

It's as simple as that ! All this can be done in 5 quick and easy steps.


Order your commissioned wedding veil below




PLEASE NOTE : customized wedding veils are non returnable or refundable


I would advise that you get a colour sample before you purchase a veil to make sure its a match.



Are you ready to start designing your veil ?

Let's begin! 


1.  Start by choosing from one of our veil edges options below

add to your basket

*lace edge veils come in a wide selection contact us first. If you would like a lace finish on your veil*

bespoke wedding veils, bias binding edging, bespoke wedding hair accessories, wedding veils

 10mm Bias satin binding edging

Bespoke wedding veils, bridal veils, bespoke organza edge wedding veil, wedding veil,

Organza and ribbon edging

bespoke veils, bespoke wedding veils, bespoke bridal veils, bespoke 3mm satin ribbon edge veil, wedding hair accessories

3mm satin ribbon edging

bespoke wedding veils, organza edged wedding veil, bespoke bridal veil, bespoke wedding hair accessories, bridal veil, wedding veil

Organza ribbon edging

bespoke wedding veils, bridal veils, bespoke plain cut edge wedding veil, veils

Plain cut edging

bespoke wired edge wedding veil. bridal veil, wedding veil, wired edged wedding veil, bespoke veils

Wired edging

Bespoke lace wedding veils, lace edge veil, bespoke veils, bespoke lace veils, wedding veils, wedding hair accessories

Lace edging

bespoke wedding veils, bespoke rhinestone edge wedding veil, bespoke pearl edge wedding veil, wedding veils, bridal veils, wedding hair accessories

Rhinestone or pearl edging


2.   Now you've choosen your veil edge. You can pick your beading finish. choose from one of the following options  pearls, diamantes, crystals or a mixed combination

add to your basket. 

If you dont want any beading then you can skip this step.

bespoke beaded pearl wedding veil, pearl wedding veil, bridal pearl wedding veil, wedding veils, bespoke veil

Adorn your veil with pearls

bespoke diamante crystal wedding veil, bespoke veils, bespoke beaded veils, wedding veils, bridal veils, veils

Adorn your veil with clear or ab diamantes

bespoke beaded clear crystal wedding veils, bespoke veils, beaded wedding veils, beaded bridal veil, wedding veil veils, bridal veils

Adorn your veil with clear or ab crystals

3.  Choose from one of the beaded designs. You can choose one of the three designs scattered, fallings stars or a boarder edge.
examples below

Pick the design option you prefer and add to your basket.

Scattered beaded veil design, wedding veils, bridal veils, bespoke veils,

Scatterd design

falling stars beaded wedding veil design, bespoke veil, wedding veil, falling star wedding veil

Falling stars design

beaded boarder wedding veil design, bespoke design, wedding veils, bespoke wedding veil, bridal veil, beaded veils

Boarder design

4.  Now choose your perfered veil length, from the one of the options below.  All lengths come in either single or double layered tiers.
Pick your desired length., add to your basket.


*Dont forget if you want the veil to go over your face, then choose a double layered one*.
shoulder length wedding veil
double layered shoulder length wedding veil
elbow length wedding veil
doubled layered waist length wedding veil
waist length wedding veil
doubled layered waist length wedding veil
Finger tip wedding veil
double layered finger tip wedding veil
Hip length wedding veil
double layered hip wedding veil
floor length wedding veil
double layered floor length veil
chapel veil
double layered chapel veil
Cathedral wedding veil
double layered wedding veil

5. Last but not least, pick your wedding veil colour to match your gown. Choose from one of the colour options below and add to your basket.

white veil colour


diamond white veil colour

Diamond white

light ivory veil colour

Light ivory

dark ivory veil colour

Dark Ivory

oyster veil colour


champagne veil colour


blush pink veil colour

Blush Pink


Once you've added the length, style, beaded design and colour you want into your basket.

Purchase your veil via the payment options  

You must double check that the all the details are correct. As mistakes can not be rectified.

Our bespoke wedding veils are non refundable or returnable.  

All you have to do is sit back and let us create your wedding veil and We will deliver your veil straight to your door.

Processing time takes from 4-6 weeks.

Still cant find your wedding veil ? By all means get intouch below we would love to help you to acheive the wedding veil design you have in mind.

bespoke gold and pearl wedding hair comb
bespoke pearl wedding hair vine

How to customise your own wedding hair accessory. Letting me create something completely unique for you...

I have a few hints and tips on how to choose your own wedding hair accessory to match your own personal style. Giving you inspiration on the types of hair accessory you can wear and materials you can Incorporate into your bespoke hair accessory, to get the wedding look your trying to acheive. Which allows you to to perfectly match your dress or wedding theme.

My bespoke design service includes wedding tiaras and bridal hair combs also wedding headpieces and vines. I love creating unique accessories by bringing your ideas to life. 

Inspiration on how to choose the right wedding hair accessory for you.

double headband

Double head bands are perfect for side style tiaras. will suit many hair styles Ideal for half up, hair down, low buns. Perfect for shorter bridal hair styles. Giving the bride a classic vintage elegant wedding look. Whilst adding beautiful detail to your hair style.

Example below 

hair comb

Hair comb are the most versatile in wedding hair accessories. That can be worn anywhere with your bridal hair style, depending on the look you require. Bridal hair combs are ideal for up do's and are perfect for nestling in low or high buns. That can be created in delicate or statement designs framing your hair style.

Example below

tiara band

Tiara bands are very versatile which can be created into an ornate side tiara, Or a dainty head band and a more traditional tiara. They look beautiful in hair up, high buns, half up and sleeker bridal hair styles. So you can go big and bold with your design. Making you feel like a queen on your wedding day.

Example below 

hair vine wire

Jewellery wire is amazing you can create beautiful ornate designs. Mainly used for bridal hair vines which are so versatile which can be adjusted and twisted within your hair style. This type of wire is used for designing hair vines which can create the most beautiful ornate and statement designs.  Ideal for any bridal hair style long or short, perfect for that boho chic bridal look.

Example below

Wedding headband
Bridal hair comb and pins
Wedding tiaras
Bridal hair vines
Choose your embellishment that will match your wedding gown, theme or bridal jewellery

Crystals will add a touch of soft sparkle to your wedding. They come in every colour you can think of. From clear and ab rainbow which are the most popular for a brides wedding look. You can use accenting or brighter colours to match your theme. Crystals work well with hair vines, tiaras. Whilst adding a touch a subtle detail to any wedding hair accessory.


Pearls are perfect for a vintage bridal look. As they come in either faux glass or freshwater depending on whats your personal peference. In an array of colours from soft white to ivorys, pastels and brighter colours. Depending on your theme and look your after. Making them perfect for matching up with your bridesmaids colour.


Rhinestone's are packed with sparkle perfect for that modern look but also mix well with pearls and crystals, rhinestone are very popular in most bridal designs. work well in all styles of tiaras and hair combs. 


Laces are perfect for a vinatge style and come in an array of designs from intricate florals to bolder designs very light weight work well with hair combs.and mix well when adorned with crystals, pearls and rhinestones


The choice is endless when it comes to finished look of your wedding headpiece. As you can mix and match by adding lots of other embellishments like flowers and other elements to get the look you want.  

These are just a few ideas to help you on your way, I can help by creating and designing a unique bridal headpiece. In my in house studio at Tiaras and Teirs by using our bespoke design service, order your bespoke design below.


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